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CatMan Forum

June 12th, 2019

Exchange, Learn and Connect.


Knowledge is key for professionals

who want to think of solutions for tomorrow today 

and stay ahead in today’s disruptive retail environment. 

At the ‘2019 LD&Co CatMan Forum’, you will gain a deeper understanding of facts, figures and trends, derived from recent research conducted by Luc Desmedt. You will also enrich your expertise through the facilitated exchange and connection with peers.

Luc Desmedt will present the complete report of the annual survey among suppliers, conducted for the 2019 Trade & Shopper Marketing Congress. Learn what 48 senior category managers and trade marketeers at leading suppliers think about the position of their function within their commercial organization and find out how they rank the Belgian food retailers on openness for category management collaboration. We also asked them to identify key challenges.

You will also present the full content and key learnings from interviews with Guy Elewaut (Marketing Director, Colruyt) and Geert Roels (Purchase Manager, Colruyt) and Ann Jadoul (FMCG Director, Carrefour).

Find out the Colruyt and Carrefour viewpoints on:

  • The openness to category management collaboration with suppliers.

  • Their expectations about suppliers concerning category management collaboration and the extent to which these expectations are met today.

  • Examples of best practices in retailer-supplier collaboration.

  • The necessity of a commercial agreement before category management collaboration can start.

  • The extent to which suppliers know and reflect the specific characteristics of the retailer when developing category management proposals.

  • Sharing data (for free?).

  • Their willingness to share the role of the category.

  • Collaboration on e-commerce and digital initiatives.

  • Supplier segmentation criteria.

  • Their priorities in the near future.

These presentation will be followed by discussion sessions, in which (non-competing) participants are invited to share and discuss their questions, reactions and experiences with regard to the discussed topics.


Wednesday, June 12th from 9.30 AM to 17 PM



Koningsstraat - Rue Royale 76 b1

1000 Brussel - Bruxelles.


295€ (excl VAT). Fee includes lunch and a printed report of the survey.


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