CatMan Forum - November 7th 2019

What are the key challenges for FMCG category managers (suppliers) and how to address them?

The CatMan Forum offers the opportunity to exchange opinions and experiences with peers about a selection of important category management topics. In this edition the following topics will be introduced for discussion by LD&Co:

• How open to category management are the key Belgian food retailers and what are their specific expectations?

• Why Is it relevant to have a clear category vision and what does it take to develop one?

• How to measure and optimize promotional effectiveness?

• How to integrate omnichannel into category management?

• The role of the field sales force in category management.


Practical information:

• Participation fee: 195€ (excl. TVA)

• Maximum 15 participants working for FMCG suppliers - first come first served.

• Maximum 2 participants per company

• Participants have preferably minimum of 2 years of category management experience.

• We want to encourage free exchange of ideas and opinions. Therefore confidentiality and transparency are an important aspect of our approach. In case of a potential conflicting competitive interests between participants, LD & Co will take this up with the parties in order to find a solution.

The CatMan Forum wants to contribute to the strategic development of the Category management function. As such the form aims at:

• Sharing relevant content in an informal setting

• Enabling a maximum exchange of experiences and opinions between fellow Category managers

• Offering a professional facilitation

LD&Co will facilitate 3 CatMan Fora per year. Would you like to be informed on upcoming editions? Let us know HERE.

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