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GS1 Master Classes
Category Management

In today’s highly competitive and complex environment, the moment-of-truth in the consumer’s journey is when the consumer makes the purchase, regardless of whether this happens in-store or on-line. Defining how to attract shoppers and especially how to convert shoppers into buyers is a key challenge for both retailers and suppliers.

Category management is the approach par excellence to successfully address this challenge as it offers a proven, shopper-focused methodology to define per category the optimal assortment, shelf presentation, promotion plan and shopper communication. It also offers the ideal platform for strategic collaboration between retailers and suppliers. 

GS1 offers 2 levels of Category Management Master Classes:


Both Master Classes have been designed by Luc Desmedt (LD&Co), representing more than 30 years of professional experience. They consist of a combination of interactive presentations and hands-on workshops. The interaction with the trainers and among the participants will broaden your professional perspective and contribute to your learning experience.  

The Master Classes are conducted in English, but all trainers can answer questions in Dutch and French. 

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