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Readiness Assessment

Winning with shoppers requires the right focus, mindset, business processes, data, skills,…   To assess to which extent these elements are present, we can perform a readiness assessment of your commercial organisation.  

The assessment is done on the basis of a pre-defined checklist of topics.  These topics are assessed via a combination of interviews and an analysis of data and documents, which are gathered during the interviews.

The output of the assessment consists of a detailed report, specifying the identified strengths and weaknesses, as well as a list of recommendations on how to address the detected areas for improvement. 

Readiness Assesment

Master Classes

Our masterclasses provide participants with the knowledge and competences needed to win with shoppers and enable them to create the organisational conditions to effectively apply those. The masterclasses reflect our vision on sell-out management and are a pragmatic interpretation of the category management theory and principles. The delivery combines interactive presentations and hands-on workshops.

Company specific classes

LD & Co tailors the masterclasses to the development needs, organizational context and business challenges of the client. To identify these challenges, an optional readiness assessment can precede the masterclass.

A masterclass can be followed up by coaching sessions to ensure an effective implementation of the acquired competences within the organisation.

Open registration classes

LD&Co partners with GS1 Belgium and is in charge of content and delivery of both the Essentials and the Advanced 3-day Category Management Master Classes. 


The 2023 Master Classes: 

  • March 7, 14, 21 and 28

  • October 3,10,17 and 24


Master Classes

Consulting and Coaching

We offer consulting and coaching services to assist suppliers and retailers in the development and implementation of category management, trade marketing and shopper marketing.

LD & Co recently delivered the following consulting services:

  • Establishing the roles of the categories as kick-off for the introduction of category management within a retailer

  • Coordination of the development of an in-store solution as part of a shopper marketing strategy for a manufacturer

  • Coaching the category management team of manufacturers

  • The screening of category management plans for manufacturers

  • Define the information needs, required to develop a well-founded shopper marketing plan, and assist the manufacturer in buying the missing data

  • Industry surveys to find out how retailers perceive the collaboration with manufacturers, and vice versa.

  • Coordination of the development and implementation of a pop-up store as part of shopper marketing strategy

  • Development of a well-founded and engaging category vision

  • ….

Consulting Coaching

Project Management

LD&Co offers the qualified resources to address your temporary project management needs in the area of category management, shopper marketing, trade marketing. As such, LD & Co can take care of the following type of projects: 

  • Conducting a category management process 

  • Analysis of shopper data (Nielsen, GFK, shopper research, ...)

  • Development of business reviews to be shared with retailers

  • Development of a concept sell presentation, to gain the support and commitment of retailers for sell-out initiatives

  • Translation of the marketing objectives and plan into sell-out objectives and plan per key retailer

  • ...

Project Management

 Consulting        Training

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