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GS1 Master Class

Category Management - Advanced

5 - 12 - 19 October 2021

This master class deepens and broadens the 8 steps of the category management process and highlights some organisational prerequisites for successful category management.


After having followed the 3 day Advanced program you will:

  • ​​Understand how to ensure strategic alignment, both internally and between trade partners

  • Know a method to prioritize category management efforts among retailers

  • Comprehend the need for an engaging category vision and know how to develop this

  • Master some techniques and practices to strengthen the depth of the category assessment and the quality of category plans

  • Know the available shopper research methodologies and understand the strengths and limitations of each methodology

  • Understand the fundamentals of space management and know what it takes to develop effective planograms

  • Know how to get optimal support from retailers by developing engaging trade presentations and setting up co-creation sessions



The different building blocks of the program will be delivered by a selection of trainers who are experienced experts in their field. More details to follow.


Professionals who already have basic category management expertise.

We recommend professionals with no or limited experience in the field of category management to have a look at our 3-day Essentials Master Class.

Participation fee:

GS1 Belgilux members: € 1.195 excl. 21% VAT

Non-members: 1.495 excl. 21% VAT

Participants are requested to bring a laptop.

This training is conducted in English, but all trainers can answer questions in Dutch and French.


Ravenstein Galerij 4 b10

1000 Brussel - Bruxelles


Wednesday October 5, 12 and 19, 2021 

From 9.00 AM until 5PM

Should circumstances require it, an interactive online format will be proposed.

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