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LD&Co as host of HIMA Business Club

Thursday February 22nd, 2024

LD&Co had the pleasure of hosting a well-attended afternoon session on Category Management for HIMA Benelux , the Home Improvement Manufacturers Association.

The program consisted of:

- A warm welcome and opening by Piet De Coninck, General Manager at HIMA.

- A presentation by Luc Desmedt on the results of an insightful survey on the application of Category Management by Belgian Home Improvement retailers and their expectations towards suppliers.

- An interview with Brian Harris, the founding father of Category Management, who shared his vision on the past, the present and the future of Category Management.

- A reflection by Pascal Deckers on how to apply Category Management in a pragmatic way, implementable in every organisation.

- A presentation by Luc Demeulenaere of an advanced framework that allows to detect the most interesting shopper segments and to develop successful value propositions for these segments in a collaborative way.

The event was closed by an enjoyable networking dinner, triggering animated and interesting discussions among the participants.

Reflecting on this event, it's evident that the sector has well embraced Category Management. Yet, the landscape is ready for untapped opportunities waiting to be explored to fully realize its potential.


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