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Winning with shoppers

Driving sustainable growth through effective category management, shopper and trade marketing

Business partner for effective category management, shopper marketing and trade marketing

LD & Co is a consulting and training organisation, helping manufacturers and retailers of consumer goods to develop, implement and apply the skills & knowledge, needed to win with shoppers.


The activities of LD & Co consist of tailored training sessions, project management and consulting services. Our services are developed on the basis of a pragmatic, hands-on approach, and a thorough understanding of the business challenges and the way-of-working of the client.

Skills and knowledge

We help suppliers and retailers of consumer goods to develop and implement the skills and knowledge, needed to win with shoppers.


We provide the basis for building strong shopper-centric relationships between suppliers and retailers, aimed at optimizing sell-out for both parties. 

Pragmatic and effective

Our services are delivered on the basis of a pragmatic approach and a thorough understanding of the business reality and challenges of the client.

Our vision

To win with shoppers, the development of a well-founded and shopper-centric sell-out plan, addressing the business objectives of both suppliers and retailers, is required. The development of this plan requires a specific set of skills and competences as well as the right organizational set-up and way-of-working.

LD&Co brings its mission to life with a clear framework of principles and a pragmatic process. That is how LD&Co assists you in building a customized platform for successful development and implementation of category management, trade and shopper marketing.












Sell-out plan



Discover our expertise

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Shopper marketing

Readiness Assessment


Consulting and Coaching

Project Management

Does your team have the optimal mix of competencies, skills and mindset to make your company win with shoppers?

We offer learning and development journeys for professionals who want to stay ahead in a rapidly changing and complex retail context. 

We support suppliers and retailers in developing and implementing successful sell-out strategies and plans.

We address your  temporary project management requirements with qualified resources.

 Consulting        Training

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